Tips on Raising a Child Who Succeeds Academically

Tips on Raising a Child Who Succeeds Academically

What parent does not want their child to succeed? In fact I would go out on a limb to say that all parents would like their child to excel academically. Unfortunately, desire does not always equate to knowledge. Here are some tips for parents to help raise children who are prepared to succeed.

I recently read a news article that caught my eye: Scholars Who Rock- Whiz kids’ secrets of success. After reading the interviews of local high schools’ top scholars, I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if parents knew directly from the scholars themselves how to be a top student. I am by no means suggesting that these young Einsteins’ strategies and techniques are the only way to become a top student- but certainly their plans are worth reviewing.

For parents who may not have a plan, these students’ approach to competing and succeeding in school may be just what you need to create a foundation for your blueprint of success for your child. What I have done is synthesized their strategies into a parent-friendly list. You may think, that because your child is only in elementary school it may be a little early to get your game plan together. Well, one of the things I noticed in reading this article is that these students formed their habits as early as elementary school- well before their high school years. Remember its all about using your child’s ENTIRE scholastic career to instill the motivation, knowledge and skills to compete to succeed. Here’s the list:

* Ensure that your child creates a network of friends that promote a culture of success.

* Instill in your child that there is nothing wrong with “overachieving”. In fact, I believe there really is no such thing as overachieving because each child sets his her own achievement level based upon individual abilities.

* Teach your child to set high expectations and aim to surpass them.

* Impress upon your child to do more than what is expected.

* Model success in your own families.

* Help your child maintain a balance: socialize and become involved in extracurricular activities.

* Help your child understand the power of learning. Knowledge really is power.

* Provide your child with the tools to be organized.

* Don’t obsess and help your child to do the same.

* Actively assist your child in setting goals.

* Encourage your child to apply to the best colleges and universities for his or her area of focus.

* Remind your child to never bypass an opportunity.

* Be sure your child recognizes weaknesses and take the initiative to overcome them.

* Advise your child to participate in clubs and organizations that are resume builder.

These strategies have been tested and proven to be effective by top scholars. Using these techniques are just a beginning and may need to be adjusted depending upon your child. Remember that parents can be the most important factor in whether a child succeeds.