French Learners Mastering English – Standard Issues

French Learners Mastering English – Standard Issues

French is just one of the Romance languages and is as a result, Latin dependent. Having said that, there are lots of English phrases which have a French origin. These are the residue from the time of the Norman invasion in 1066. Prior to that, the major impact experienced been from the Anglo Saxons and this is why lots of English text are really related to German.

The difference amongst the English and French alphabet is that the latter, in addition to the 26 regular letters also has letters with diacritics. These are, grave and acute accents, the circumflex and the cedilla.

There are several variations in the sound techniques of the two languages, which often outcome in troubles of comprehension and speaking. English is not a phonetic language and typically there is minimal correspondence in between English spelling and pronunciation.

A further problem, for French students, is that English has stressed syllables, which have to be in the long run discovered to get the pronunciation correct. French has a frequent anxiety sample. In English, we have unpredictable tension patterns. As a final result, French scholar learners unwittingly pronounce unstressed syllables exactly where we are inclined to “swallow” them, this kind of as, “t’day”. “t’morrow”.

A indigenous speaker of French, who commences to master English, will have challenges with the phonological elements of English that diverge most sharply from French, this sort of as the two diverse types of the English diphthong, “th”. The tip of the tongue is not made use of in French and so the French speaker tends to pronounce the voiced model of that diphthong extra like a “d” and the unvoiced variation much more like a “t”. In other words and phrases, the French speaker will try to make these English appears conform to seems in his or her native language.

A usual error for indigenous French speakers,is the omission of the “h” sound at the commencing of terms starting with a voiced “h” this sort of as:

” ‘ave you ‘eard about my ‘oliday? “

and occasionally, above-compensating by pronouncing the “h” in text such as:


As much as grammar is anxious, a repeated trouble is the wrong selection of tense, regardless of substantial spots of overlap in the verb grammar of each languages. The two have auxiliaries, participles, active/ passive voice, past, current and long run tenses, and nevertheless, there are usually situations when French makes use of a distinct tense than English, to express a individual which means.

“I cannot arrive now, I go to the stores.”

When forming a concern, French speakers are inclined to make a statement introducing concern intonation or inverting subject matter and verb, as in French they do not have an equivalent of the auxiliary “do”.

“She is twenty?”

“How often pay a visit to you him?”

French utilizes the identical primary syntax as English but there are several variations in the term order of sentences. Mistakes can happen when applying adverbs, adjectives and in verb positioning.

“I swim occasionally below.”

“I have far too considerably drunk.” “

“It was the painting the most effective I have carried out.”

“Do you know which is the way?”

In English, we do not have a gender for nouns. On the other hand, in French, pronouns are primarily based on the gender of the noun they are linked with and possessive adjectives also agree with the nouns they qualify.The report use is comparable but not similar to that utilized in English. As a result of these variances, French learners are recognized to make problems this kind of as:

“She is instructor.”

“”The Italian is a lot easier than the German.”

“You like my costume?” “She was quite costly. “

“I went to the cinema with James and her spouse.”

In French and English vocabulary,there are a lot of words which are mutually comprehensible, though most are tutorial or technical fairly than just about every working day words and phrases. Nonetheless, the existence of a significant selection of false mates can also lead to misunderstanding in translation, these as:

Sensible (F) Delicate (E) / Journee (F) Journey (E) / Comme (F) Come (E)