Politics in the Church of God Prevents Development

Politics in the Church of God Prevents Development

A lot of Sabbath-keeping Church of God users (various teams and businesses related to 1 degree or one more with Herbert W. Armstrong) are sincerely opposed to giving any Church of God literature or religious material for sale, considering the fact that Herbert Armstrong taught us to “invest in the truth of the matter and provide it not.” Even so, these Church of God members really should bear in mind that Mr. Armstrong later on permitted his books to be manufactured obtainable for sale in bookstores, informing the brethren and co-personnel in a letter dated September 12, 1985:

“There is a quite substantial viewers which would under no circumstances ask for this ebook [Mystery of the Ages] if presented cost-free – who would in no way deliver their name and tackle to us – but would gladly obtain a duplicate in the bookstore. By placing it in the bookstores we will get to a pretty excellent audience that we can get to in no other way. We will not promote the book ourselves, but it simply cannot be manufactured out there to this huge audience of e-book prospective buyers except the bookstores do put a value on it.” (Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Quantity 2, site 638).

Some have been upset that Over and above Babylon: Europe’s Increase and Tumble is offered. I remind them of Herbert Armstrong’s phrases earlier mentioned and Paul’s rhetorical response to some in his day over this theory that we’re commanded to not muzzle the ox whilst it is treading out the grain and that a employee is worthy of his retain the services of. Moreover, Past Babylon is readily available to for Cost-free or go through on the internet for Totally free. God is aware of I am definitely not in this for the funds, but gladly share the simple truth of the matter of the Bible and background as I am capable, figuring out it is definitely priceless information and facts.

I am also an personal, not a Church organization obtaining typical tithes and choices who for that reason have no need to have to sell everything, as they’re equipped to present it all, ideally, for totally free. I do not imagine any Church of God corporation must market Church of God literature. Nonetheless, people out in the industry, not component of the administration or headquarters, have a God-presented ideal to do as required. Yeshua did not condemn marketing sacrificial animals but was righteously indignant that such industrial functions have been using position in the Temple courtyards and at exorbitant costs. Several were being creating a killing fairly than offering a provider.

A member of the Philadelphia Church of God just lately corresponded with me on this and other Church of God challenges.

Failed to you try out and impose your e book on God’s ministers and church?

Not at all. Gerald Flurry refused to go forward with Outside of Babylon and fell backwards, treading outdated floor and is now heading in circles, organization as regular, as Europe rises and Judah and Israel have nonetheless to be warned.

Possibly you should have waited right until the time arrived.

Really don’t you believe God goes initial to His Church and then His Nation? It was time to deliver Beyond Babylon right before Flurry, whom I think about to be the leader of this Laodicean period of God’s Church.

Do you believe you are one particular of the 2 witnesses?

God appreciates, but what I do know is that we ought to at minimum prepare the way for them with Judah and NONE of the Church of God groups access the metropolitan areas of Judah.

That would be a honor to be one particular. I have generally prayed about them and in my silliness wished I could be 1 of them.

It would be an honor and a grave responsibility and the most hated position in the globe given that rejection would be by a lot of in the Church, initially, and practically all in the world, with a bloody ending right until the resurrection to actual physical lifestyle just before the return of the King, Yeshua the Messiah. No nice dinners or fancy invites for the Two Witnesses but loads of murderous misunderstanding and hateful grief.

But I’m just a lay member…..

No these types of matter as “just” a lay member. Most people has their God-specified put in the Church of God and are equally vital for no matter what God has named them to do.

Appears to me you focus as well a great deal on the physical Jews.

Not at all. Herbert Armstrong generally informed us to “Enjoy JERUSALEM!” Who’s in Jerusalem? JEWS! The gospel began and will return there. God’s accurate church is not there now even though “Elijah” went there. This will have to transform.

Mr. Armstrong, near the time of his death, said on a single of his sermons or Bible experiments that they are not so vital as he when imagined considering that they never even feel in Jesus Christ.

I you should not consider that at all and don’t consider he at any time explained it. I estimate what we know for guaranteed Herbert Armstrong claimed about the importance of achieving the towns of Judah. It is really documented. Shamefully, it is really some thing that hasn’t been completed nonetheless but the foundation has been laid, even even though the Do the job in Israel is briefly suspended by government decree as it was in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Mr. Flurry by no means read your e book right?

I really don’t know. Wayne Turgeon [Gerald Flurry’s son-in-law] handed him a print out of it yrs back and he returned it to him stating, “He is usually sending us things.” Mr. Flurry even responded to me many periods on a variety of troubles together with his confusion of Mount Carmel with Mount Hermon which I brought to his interest (possessing been blessed to dwell next to each of them), and my disagreement with him when he mentioned the pope was the only spiritual leader to sit on a throne and I talked about the Queen of England is also head of the Anglican Church (despite the fact that agreeing with the position he was building versus the Roman Catholic Cult).

I would appreciate to discover those people letters, on the other hand in the course of my a lot of moves overseas to Israel I thought I stored them stored at my sister’s household but she are not able to uncover them. This kind of letters also involve correspondence from Dr. Herman Hoeh several years back about the Jews and their variants in coloration and why. I met Dr. Hoeh at the Toronto Singles’ Weekend (Church of God singles from all above had been in attendance) wherever he spoke and invited us to publish him, which of program I did.

Later on I despatched an autographed duplicate of a self-printed BB (Over and above Babylon) to Flurry’s household for him and his wife who explained to me (for the duration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Louisville) about my title, “What a solid Judah identify!”

Dennis Leap claimed he read pieces of it and that it was not essential for him or Flurry to browse it, contrary to Mr. Armstrong wanting Sardis (Church of God, Seventh Working day) to go through his manuscript – The United States and Britain in Prophecy – which they DID.

Perfectly, I listen to you loud and very clear. I do not concur with some of headquarter’s decisions but they are just as human as we are and liable to make mistakes, including Mr. Flurry. From time to time we just have to undergo the incorrect and go on.

I readily acknowledge and admit that point, but if it can be a miscalculation or a sin we learn from it, accept it and go forward all the wiser. Flurry has accomplished none of people humble points. No matter, I go on without him as he goes backwards seeking to enjoy HWA and God in the Temple, grieved to say.

David, I hope and pray for your return to PCG… Mr. Flurry has engaged in own visual appeal campaigns and he plans to go to Joseph and Judah this coming calendar year I feel. The Vital of David will no more time air on Television and we are now focusing on private warnings.

Bear in mind we are baptized into the Overall body of Jesus Christ – not into any sect or denomination of gentlemen. I continue to be a member of the spiritual Church of God that isn’t certain by membership lists at the mercy of gentlemen. Remember Diotrephes? (3 John vs. 9-11).

What do you signify they have scrapped the Tv set plans (even nevertheless I generally constructively criticized them -via Wayne Turgeon who employed to write me quite often – that no one but a incredibly minimal spiritual viewers would observe the programs at the several hours they ended up demonstrated). As Turgeon can testify, I also explained they wanted a toll no cost quantity (which decades later they obtained) I stated they required a web page with Church literature (which several years later they have) they have to have to publish Past Babylon freely (which they even now will not) and to just take out major newspaper ads like HWA to get to All people and get Most people conversing about our God-offered controversial concept.

We do really want much better ad.

Sure, simply because I have conducted my individual exams and surveys on several internet boards to see that the general public won’t have a clue who Flurry is, under no circumstances listened to of the PCG and does not know the warning information at all. All that funds for what? A non-public club?

Far too negative you only see what you believe is lousy but God has to get his spouse and children prepared 1st to marry his Son just before He can deal correctly with the globe.

And how does God do that? Have us stare at our Church navel – Church headquarters as the heart of our consideration? – or by the way of give, outflowing problem for the excellent and welfare of Others – like the cities of Judah. If not folks will never ever feel prepared to achieve out and will have proven by themselves deceived by Satan who would not want the Get the job done to GO Ahead. As we achieve out, so help us God, He will get the job done in and by way of and for us at the very same time.

I know all the things that is very good about the PCG and carry on to immediate folks to its literature and The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine in spite of their refusal to send it to me. They even know I’ve provided them contacts in the Middle East, in Jerusalem, Jewish leaders, and that it was me whom God used to call the mayor of Jerusalem to get the HWA monument repaired (in the Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem), and then I forwarded the information to Flurry (who did not even say thank you and wasn’t even conscious of its woeful neglect that I realized about from being about there so quite a few occasions). I will guess you didn’t know that, did you?

I experienced published an open letter to the mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, that was posted in The Jerusalem Publish. His business contacted me to inquire about what teams or companies I was referring to that would be intrigued in endeavor the economical responsibility for the monument’s restoration and the relaxation is record.